What is Electude?

Electude is the creator of the world‘s leading automotive e-learning solution used by thousands of schools, companies, and governmental organizations in over 50 countries.

Built upon 30 years of research and expertise, Electude has revolutionized the automotive education industry by leveraging hands-on gaming technologies and a discovery-based learning environment. These interactive and engaging teaching solutions empower vocational students to learn effectively and give teachers custom time-saving tools. To this day, Electude is driven by its founders’ vision: that anyone can achieve their full potential with the right tools. With programs in light vehicles, heavy vehicles, and systems technologies, Electude offers a highly adaptable platform that performs equally well in the classroom, in the shop, or at home. Learn more about it at

Founded in 1990 by two automotive instructors who pioneered a new and unprecedented approach to automotive education. The Electude team‘s vision led to creating solutions that provide a unique and effective tool to teach all automotive learners by making it interactive, engaging, highly efficient, and fun through the use of gaming technology.

Electude – game-based learning

  • Provides an innovative, advanced automotive e-learning curriculum.
  • Uses gaming technology to engage, motivate, excite and retain learners.
  • Introduces and develops critical thinking and decision making, teaches how to work with automotive diagnostics.
  • Gives instructors everything that is necessary to create, teach, track & test students’ progress.
  • Has a proven track record with thousands of customers in more than 50 countries.
  • May be used from any location, any time and on almost any online device.

What Electude can offer?

Electude specialty is simulation-based, e-learning lessons. Today‘s students are instantly drawn and captivated by Electude‘s unique 3D gamification learning environment. This discovery-based method is about „learning by doing“.

Electude is a cloud based automotive e-learning solution that allows instructors to assign, create, manage and grade lessons, exercises, tests and tasks. Students can complete their assignments from any location and from almost any online device.

Why Electude?

  • Created specifically for automotive learners
  • Makes learning dynamic, effective, fast and much more fun
  • Completely aligned to NATEF, Lernfelder, IMI, City & Guilds, Europe areas and requirements
  • As technology changes, „Electude“ adapts real time
  • More cost effective than textbooks
  • The Electude Simulator allows for virtual fault-finding exercises
  • Online courses for instructors that count for continued Professional Development hours

Learning designed for automotive students & trainees

The Electude online curriculum consists of hundreds of interactive lessons that are designed specifically for instructing today‘s generation of automotive learners. Electude is replacing traditional textbooks with its innovative and effective approach to learning:

  • Over 1,000 state-of-the-art interactive lessons, tests and simulations, 2-3 new module lessons added or updated weekly at no extra charge.
  • Learning management system that allows results tracking, testing and customising classes & courses.
  • The brand new Electude Simulator – Engine Management
  • IMI and City & Guilds compliant
  • Pre- and post-tests per subject
  • Loved by students because it is based on gaming principles
  • Budget friendly, with a range of affordable pricing options

Discovery-based learning

In order to improve learning retention and understanding, the lessons have been developed by Electude‘s authors and game designers based on the educational principle of Guided Self Discovery. With small interactive tasks, students are guided step-by-step through a discovery-based learning process.

ASE CASE accredited training

All Electude trainers can undergo the ASE CASE (the leading automotive training quality standard used in the United States) accredited Electude Skills Training at no additional charge. This training will allow the participants to master the Electude automotive e-learning solutions.


The World’s Leading Automotive E-Learning Solution

  • Customers in over 55 countries
  • Over 300,000 users
  • Over 30,000 instructors & teachers
  • Over 3,000 customers
  • Available in over 35 languages

How Electude associated with AutoEDU?

  • AutoEDU and Electude are complementary products for automotive students.
  • Students with AutoEDU training equipment can perform the practical tasks and use gained skills in a virtual Electude environment.
  • AutoEDU training stands allow students to study the real automobile components and processes in the automotive electrical circuits and electronic systems, also, help them to check the learned lectures.
  • AutoEDU electronic system simulators allow to use both training systems – game-based Electude and the real component-based automotive training equipment for measurement, diagnosis and practical work.
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