AUTOEDU manufactures automotive training equipment according to the customer’s needs, technology or training program. Also, AUTOEDU offers virtual „e-learning“ programs, ability to equip the training classes with training equipment, teaching material – theoretical and practical for the teachers, exam tasks and tests for the students. The equipment can be offered with different diagnostic and measurement devices, garage equipment and hand tools. AUTOEDU personnel consults, trains, updates, supervises and repairs training equipment if later there is a need.

Some of our training equipment is specially designed for driving schools where students are introduced with a car structure. Also, the company can offer a range of cutaway models such as petrol or diesel working engine model and gearbox, wheel alignment training stand or other training equipment according to the customer’s request.

Truck driver training centre or driving school can also contact us because training stands such as digital tachograph or cutaway truck engine can be useful for teaching purposes to students who want to become a long-distance driver or get another driver’s license.



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