Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the programme contain theoretical material? Can a student learn a lesson from such a short description and answer the questions correctly?

Theoretical material is always in the same programme and the student can always answer the questions on the basis of it. Module selection is required. There may be broader descriptions in English if the module is newly created or not translated into Lithuanian.

Isn’t it more of a teacher-aided training tool to test a student’s knowledge?

Certainly not, only a small proportion can be taught at school, and the amount of material is several times larger and can be used for homework and student self-instruction, which is controlled by the teacher.

Who in Lithuania has already purchased the programme and is using it?

Kaunas Technical and Business Training Center, Marijampolė Vocational Training Centre, other educational institutions. There is a trial version available for 60 days.

Is the trial full or only part of the programme?

The trial version is full, its size can only be limited by the volume of the Lithuanian translation.

What happens when the trial ends?

When the trial ends, all login codes become inactive, all settings and/or achievements within the programme are reset.

What happens when an educational institution makes use of the programme – say for one or two years and stops to use it. What happens to all the settings and / or achievements achievements inside the programme?

Electude servers store all information for up to 10 years and it can be restored or released at any time.

Does the programme extend beyond automotive mechanics or electrical engineering?

The curriculum covers both the mechanics as well as the electrical and physics basics related to motoring, which are sufficient to teach the student.

Question about the possibility of using the curriculum material (icons) in the final thesis. Will there be no objection from the manufacturer?

If a student has a learning license, there should be no problem with that. The manufacturer does not mind.

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